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Welcome to 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries Podcast!

This fast-paced, compelling audio show has set a new standard for history storytelling in podcasting, often placing the listener at a crucial moment in history from the outset, and always managing to deliver on tense human drama based upon accurate and painstaking research.

In five words: We Make History Come Alive

1001 Heroes has delivered 5 million episode listens worldwide since our first episode (Gremlins) in 2015. 

Top episodes:

Jack the Ripper: Mayhem in Whitechapel

Bonnie & Clyde: Born To Die (Pts 1 and 2)

The Battle of Midway: Turning Point

Unsung Heroes of The Revolution (1 and 2)

Amelia Earhart (1 and 2)

 The Lost Colony (1 and 2)

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Dec 30, 2015

In 1839 journalist Jeremiah Reynolds, writing for the New York Knickerbocker Magazine, caught up with the whaling ship "Penguin" off the coast of Chili, and interviewed the first mate, getting the eyewitness account of the hunt for and capture of the whale known as 'Mocha Dick", a 90 foot white whale that had been...

Dec 23, 2015

Born Margaret Tobin Brown to poor Irish immigrants in Hannibal Missouri in 1867, "Maggie" Brown worked stripping tobacco leaves to support her family until the age of 18, when she moved with her sister to Leadville, Colorado to help establish a blacksmith shop. There she met James Joseph (J.J.) Brown, a miner who was...

Dec 15, 2015

HELLO REDDIT FANS!  The legend of Snowshoe Thompson is one of the most enduring tales of the American West. A Norwegian immigrant, Thompson tried his hand at gold mining during the gold rush in California and Nevada but when he married, he went to work delivering mail through the snowed in passes of the Sierra Mountains...

Dec 7, 2015

This unforgettable Guy de Maupassant tale tells the story of two people, a French man and a younger English woman, whose hearts were one for a brief moment during a life-threatening situation aboard a wrecked ship. Support future shows with $1 month-that's all we ask, at Story "The Wreck" by...