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This fast-paced, compelling audio show has set a new standard for history storytelling in podcasting, often placing the listener at a crucial moment in history from the outset, and always managing to deliver on tense human drama based upon accurate and painstaking research.

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1001 Heroes has delivered 5 million episode listens worldwide since our first episode (Gremlins) in 2015. 

Top episodes:

Jack the Ripper: Mayhem in Whitechapel

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The Battle of Midway: Turning Point

Unsung Heroes of The Revolution (1 and 2)

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 The Lost Colony (1 and 2)

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Jun 26, 2017

An interview with co-authors Dr. Timothy and Laura Orr, discussing their new best-seller "Never Call Me A Hero", the story of Midway pilot Dusty Kleiss, who helped sink three Japanese ships at the Battle of Midway , which turned the tide of war in the Pacific in June of 1942.

This is the follow-up episode to THE BATTLE...

Jun 19, 2017

This episode is dedicated to all the courageous soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for freedom. (#THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY) #WWII #Navy #Enterprise #Yorktown #History #Midway

By May of 1942 Germany had occupied Europe and was attempting to bomb England into submission. Japan had attacked the US Naval Base at Pearl...

Jun 12, 2017

Shark attacks have been steadily on the increase for the past few years, and many people believe that this increase is due to federal and state laws limiting catches and protecting predator species like the Great White and the Bull Shark. Environmentalists are fighting against nets that protect swimmers but catch...

Jun 5, 2017

In 1916, coastal resort towns in New Jersey were experiencing a boom in business as trains delivered thousands of beachgoers to the hotels and businesses that were springing up to greet them. When a series of deadly attacks started claiming the lives of swimmers, scientists and news reporters at first had no clue what...