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Jul 24, 2017

 See for more information on Cayce's readings and becoming a member. (Its well worth it at $59 a year with full access to all Cayce's readings).

DREAMS AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO US Edgar Cayce is considered today to be the leading psychic of the 20th century, providing us with over 14,000 readings on every topic of life- ranging from ancient civilizations to past lives, esp and paranormal phenomena, holistic healing, and dreams. Ever wonder what that recurring dream of snakes means? Today we are interviewing Kevin Todeschi, the CEO of Edgar Cayce's Association For Research & Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, who has numerous stories and examples from Edgar Cayce's readings which will inform and entertain you. Episode chronology: Intro: How Cayce discovered his psychic talent~healing others~rise to fame~first readings on dreams~how we dream~ akashic records~experience with a premonition~symbols commonly found in dreams~Atlantis~ Amelia Earhart~how to become a member

Enjoy two other Edgar Cayce Interview episodes at 1001 Heroes- Search for "REINCARNATION & KARMA" and "ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS" at