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Oct 16, 2017

The story of Frankenstein, a murderous monster created from inanimate parts by an overreaching doctor, first published in 1820, was a major success worldwide, and has spawned countless books, movies, and debates regarding the limits we place on man's constant quest to play god by creating life artificially. Many of you are familiar with the story, but few people know what actually inspired 18 year- old Mary Sjelley to write it. Its a drama in itself, complete with illicit affairs, shared sex, mad doctors, adultery, two famous English authors, a candlelit villa on Lake Geneva, a wild dream, and a ghostly castle deep in Germany where untold experiments were being carried out on human cadavers, castle that we'll be introduced to by Robb Demarest, who led his Ghost Hunters International team there for ScyFy Network just a few years ago. Our Sponsors: Enjoy Parcast's new show Historical Figures every Wednesday wherever great podcasts are found. Home: Make The Great Courses Plus your go-to video course library for anything and everything under the sun- Get your first 30 days FREE by using this url: Music: Mattia Cupelli: The Call Facebook: iTunes Store: Media Charger: "Haunting Sadness" Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe Today to 1001 Heroes Podcast FREE : Catch the abridged version of the story FRANKENSTEIN here: