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1001 Heroes has delivered 5 million episode listens worldwide since our first episode (Gremlins) in 2015. 

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Sep 18, 2015

The true story of Virginia's Grace Sherwood, who was the last person to be tried and convicted as a witch in the state of Virginia. Her accusers were many, and while her husband lived they both went to court often to try to defend their reputation and name.  She was a midwife and healer, and sometimes the line of demarcation between "healer" and "witch" was hard for people to understand in the age of superstition. Sources: Kyle, Louisa Veneble (Nov 1973) The Witch of Pungo, and Other Historical Stories of the Early Colonies . Va Beach, Four O'Clock Farms   James, Edward w. (1895) Grace Sherwood, the Virginia Witch (The William & Mary Quarterly) Nash, Belinda; Sheets, danielle, (2012) A Place in Time:The Age of the Witch of Pungo. Va Beach. WS Dawson Co.