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Mar 31, 2018

Premium Members Early Release: Cattle Mutilations, UFO's, and Black Ops.  Over 10,000 cattle and horses have been strangely killed and mutilated in the past 50 years and it is still going on. 2 FBI investigations provided no answers, no witnesses, no suspects. Strange craft and unusual lights often accompany the mutilations, in which the cattle are picked up into some type of craft, their blood, lymph nodes and reproductive organs removed, then dropped back to the ground usually within 100 yards from where they were lifted. A black ops government program has been suspected but despite over 10,000 occurrences not one whistleblower has come forward. A large amount of paranormal phenomena has been witnesses in the areas where the mutilations have occurred. Unmarked helicopters have also been witnessed.  Investigators like Chuck Zukowski ( have inspired books (The 37th Parallel, Ben Mezrich) and movie is set to be released soon.

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