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Jun 12, 2017

Shark attacks have been steadily on the increase for the past few years, and many people believe that this increase is due to federal and state laws limiting catches and protecting predator species like the Great White and the Bull Shark. Environmentalists are fighting against nets that protect swimmers but catch marine life and fighting any efforts to cull certain shark populations, going so far as to say that with 5 billion humans alive, and only 5,000 Great Whites, we can afford to loose a few more human lives. Two opposing groups have formed- those who want to save human lives and those who want to save the sharks - hence the title "US vs. THEM". 

Demonstration Against Shark Nets: Australia Culling Video; Debate defending sharks: Great Advice for Florida Beaches: Lots of sharks in FL Video Daily News Video: Track Tagged Sharks All Over the World Here: All the Laws Put Into Place to protect Sharks: FDA Mercury level dangers : SHARK ATTACK DATA BY COUNTRY: Shark Attack data US: ISAF File- All Kinds of Data File maintained by Florida museum of Natural History How To Survive a Shark Attack:

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