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Jun 5, 2017

In 1916, coastal resort towns in New Jersey were experiencing a boom in business as trains delivered thousands of beachgoers to the hotels and businesses that were springing up to greet them. When a series of deadly attacks started claiming the lives of swimmers, scientists and news reporters at first had no clue what could be happening despite witnesses saying it was a shark...after all, sharks were a part of old sailor stories...they didn't really attack beachgoers. When the truth finally dawned on people that a huge maneating shark was taking the lives of swimmers, it set off a manhunt that has been unrivaled in history. Join us for part one of SHARK! and the story that many believe inspired Peter Benchley's book JAWS!. Part Two will cover the rise in shark populations on many coasts thanks to the efforts of many who understand the need for a balanced oceanic ecosystem, the methods used by beaches for safety precautions, and the status of shark attacks in recent years, which, when you look at the number of people who go swimming at the world's ocean beaches, are extremely rare. #sharks #sharkattacks #Jaws #maneaterofmatawan #greatwhite #frankMundus THIS STORY IS NOT INTENDED TO SCARE PEOPLE FROM BEACHES! IT IS INTENDED TO INFORM. IN FACT, WITH ADVANCEMENTS IN BEACH MONITORING TECHNOLOGY AND INCREASED UNDERSTANDING IN SHARK MIGRATIONS...OUR BEACHES ARE SAFER THAN EVER. VERY FEW SHARKS ATTACK HUMANS. SURFERS WILL BE THE FIRST ONES TO TELL YOU THAT ATTACKS ARE EXTREMELY RARE. WHEN THEY DO HAPPEN, THEY MAKE HEADLINES, SUCH AS THIS STORY, WHICH ILLUSTRATES HOW THE U.S. CAME TO KNOW SHARKS. Music: Mattia Cupelli Dark Tension Rising - Official Mattia Cupelli Music Website: