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Aug 28, 2017

The St. Nazaire Raid, also known as Operation Chariot, was a British Amphibious attack on the heavily defended Normandie drydock at St. Nazaire on March 26th, 1942. The objective of the raid was to destroy the drydock in German-held St. Nazaire, thus denying an Atlantic repair port to the new and powerful German battleship Tirpitz, which by itself was capable of winning the battle for the North Atlantic and cutting off England from much needed supplies. A joint operation involving over 200 British Commandos supported by Naval forces and RAF, the raid, costly in human lives, was the most decorated single action in British WWII naval history. #WWII #Commandos #TheGreatestRaidofAll #StNazaire #Podcast #HistoryPodcast Sponsors: Zip Recruiter link: and Penn State World Campus Music: mattia cupelli and Bradham, Randolph (2003). Hitler's U-boat fortresses. Santa Barbara: Greenwood Publishing Group. Dorrian, James (1998). Storming St. Nazaire: the Gripping Story of the Dock-Busting Raid, March, 1942. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press. Ford, Ken (2001). St. Nazaire 1942: The Great Commando Raid; Osprey Campaign series #92. Oxford: Osprey Publishing.