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Feb 6, 2017

The incredible true story of the wreck of the Royal Charter on the coast of Anglesey, Wales, in 1859, as she neared the end of her voyage from the Australian goldfields carrying over 400 passengers and crew. The song "Isaac Lewis" about one of the young ship's passengers, by the legendaryTom Russell, is featured in part at the beginning and in full at the end of our story. (Credits below). Music: "Isaac Lewis", Thomas George Russell Frontera Music (ASCAP) with permission From the Album "Modern Art" Link to Amazon: Sources: Sources: Wreck of the “Royal Charter” Steam Clipper, by A.& J.K, Dublin 1860). “Gold Rush Shipwreck Offers Up Treasures” Jasper Copping; UK Telegraph, July 7, 2011 Michaell Parry/the “On A fatal Voyage” , Nov 4, 2009 The Golden Wreck: The Tragedy of the 'Royal Charter' - Alexander McKee, 2000 An account of the tragic wreck on the coast of Anglesey, in 1859, of the ship Royal Charter, which was returning from the Australian goldfields laden with treasure. Shipwreck!: Charles Dickens and the 'Royal Charter' - Philip Steele & Robert Williams, 2009. The story of the wreck of the Royal Charter with a reproduction of Charles Dickens' report of the disaster and other contemporary reports. Life and Death on the "Royal Charter" - Chris and Lesley Holden, 2009. The true story of a treasure ship wrecked on Anglesey. Written from the view of a local diver who first visited the wreck in 1982. A Golden Mist - John Wheatley, 2010 An account of the sinking of the Royal Charter off the coast of Moelfre in 1859. It includes fictional accounts from the viewpoints of a passenger and a Moelfre resident, plus the modern story of a South African woman with Moelfre ancestors who returns there and discovers the history of the wreck. Marple Local History