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Dec 30, 2015

"The Hunt For the Real Moby Dick" -In 1839 journalist Jeremiah Reynolds, writing for the New York Knickerbocker Magazine, caught up with the whaling ship "Penguin" off the coast of Chili, and interviewed the first mate, getting the eyewitness account of the hunt for and capture of the whale known as 'Mocha Dick", a 90 foot white whale that had been responsible for attacking and sinking the whaling ship "Essex" , the story of which has been recently released as a Ron Howard movie.  Reynolds spends the first 16 minutes of this story introducing us to the island of Mocha, off the coast of Chili, in prime whaling waters, as well as the captain and first mate of the whaling ship Penguin. The First Mate, having recently gained notoriety as the man responsible for finally catching the killer white whale, picks up the story around 16:00, and thats where the action begins- so hang on to your seat for this eyewitness account. Whales are thankfully protected today and are no longer needed to keep the lights in the cities of Paris and New York burning, or the mills and factories running. But in the 1800's many a young lad was drawn to the ports of Gloucester and New London for a chance at adventure. Many never returned. WARNING: THIS AUDIO DEPICTS THE KILLING OF A WHALE. NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED OR VERY YOUNG.

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