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Nov 7, 2016

There are many versions of the Maltese Cross, including the one shown with this episode, which is commonly used by fire and rescue departments. It is also seen around the world on flags, on medals given for bravery, on uniforms, and on military insignias. The story of the Maltese Cross reaches hundreds of years back into the past to a tiny island of rock called Malta, located about 80 miles off the southern coast of Italy, where a ragged band of warriors called the Knights of Saint John held out through 112 days of brutal fighting to defend Christianity from the Muslim scourge that was threatening all of Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Credits: "Historie's Bloodiest Seige Used Human Heads as Cannonballs" for UK Daily News, by James Jackson, author of Blood Rock (2007) Pickles, Tim. Malta, 1565, Last Battles of the Crusades, Osprey Press 1998 Corregio, Francesco Balbi 1568 Account