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Jan 20, 2016

We originally did this story about a year ago, and just came back to it recently knowing that there was more to tell...actually a story within a story, and one that needs telling, in light of the challenges the world and the Catholic Church are facing. The story of The Miracle of The Sun, which is probably the most witnessed religious miracle in history, involves three shepherd children in Portugal who witnessed a series of heavenly apparitions, climaxing in an event witnessed  by tens of thousands. The story within is an account of the Three Secrets- prophecies given to the children on July 13, 1917, by an apparition they believed was the Virgin Mary. These prophecies, which contained a vision of hell, the end of world war I and beginning of world war II, and a third that predicted the persecution of Christians and the killing of the Pope. The Third Secret, by the request of a child named Lucia, who was the oldest of the three, was not released by the Catholic Church until the year 2000, causing a stir of controversy that still exists today, as there were some within the Church that have said that what the Church released was not at all what Lucia had written.