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Feb 4, 2016

On September 7, 1849, Edgar Allen Poe, at the top of his career, kissed his fiance goodbye at his home in Richmond, VA, and began a business trip to Philadelphia. He then dropped out of sight for a week, he was found in Baltimore on October 3rd, inside a bar-turned-polling place, drunk and disheveled, wearing clothes that did not fit him, and unable to speak clearly. He was rushed to a hospital, where he lingered on the edge of insanity for nearly one week,before dying. Theories as to the cause of his death have abounded for decades. His doctor had ordered him not to drink, fearing that a lesion close to his brain could lead to his death. Others suggested he was forced to drink alcohol at the polling place and was a victim of "cooping", by which innocent bystanders were grabbed off the street and forced to drink, then vote multiple times. Still others suspect a variety of causes, from murder to rabies. Even more mysterious is the fact that until recently, and for 80 years, a cloaked man was seen visiting the original grave of Poe every year on the same date, where he would leave three roses and a half drunk bottle of cognac behind. Will he come back next year?   Credits: Monica Gil performs Annabel Lee (YouTube) Christopher Lee performs "The Raven" WBAL-TV Baltimore  News Report on "the Poe Toaster"