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Feb 26, 2016

For years the legend of a missing Nazi train loaded with stolen treasure consisting of everything from gold bullion to the priceless Russian Amber Room have circulated in southwestern Poland. In August of 2015 two men, one Polish, and one German, both treasure hunters with advanced geo imaging equipment, approached the Polish authorities claiming that they had located a buried Nazi armored train 80 feet below the surface of the earth in a small town near the German border. The images, which are available to a google search, do tend to show the tops of the armored pillbox style gun mounts that sat atop the armored trains, which the Germans used to transport weapons and treasure. The Polish authorities assigned a team of scientists to evaluate the find and they reported back at a press conference in December. This is the story of the Nazi train, which involves two treasure hunters, a deathbed confession, a castle which provided a station for Hitler's underground railway, and a missing treasure worth billions.