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Mar 12, 2016

It is the kind of story you expect to find in the movies- but this one is taking place in real life. When 21 year-old American soldier Norwood Thomas met 17 year-old Joyce Durrant on the banks of the River Thames in London a few weeks before the JUne 6, 1944 D-Day Invasion, neither had any idea they would be reunited by a Skype conversation 71 years later. Norwood was attached to the 101st Airborne division, an elite group of paratroopers whose mission it was to make a jump behind German lines during the Invasion of Normandy, not knowing if the Allies would be able to break through the German's strong coastal defenses or not. Prior to the mission, training in England, he met Joyce Durrant. The winds of war were to separate the two, each of whom married and raised a family, she in Australia, and he in Virginia. Fate wasn't finished with them yet, however, and an old love was about to be given a second chance. This story isn't finished--you can follow by searching  "Norwood Thomas + Joyce Morris" + "update"- to see how they are getting along. You can find our show at iTunes (search 1001 Heroes and subscribe FREE) and at (Seacrh 1001 Heroes, subscribe FREE), and at our website at Also enjoy our new show :The Storytellers: 1001 Classic Short Stories For All Ages by searching your favorite podcatcher and searching 1001 Classic, or stoppoing by our website and looking for The Storytellers link in the upper right.