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Sep 18, 2017

Deep below the surface of the Indian Ocean, near the island of Sumatra, two portions of the Earth's crust which had been pushing against each other for the past milennia, one plate, actually the India Plate, gave way along a 1,000 mile faultline, creating a huge fissure in the sea floor as it subducted beneath the pressing Burma Plate, suddenly displacing trillions of tons of water, and causing powerful shock waves in every direction, waves that would introduce untold death and destruction to 14 countries within the coming minutes and hours, causing between 230,000 and 280,000 deaths and unimaginable destruction of property. It was December 26th, 2004. Less than 7 years later, a 8.9 earthquake in Japan set another group of Tsunami waves in motion which caused the loss of 5,000 lives and billions of dollars in losses, despite Japan's awareness of the threat. This episode covers the stories of the 2004 and 2011 Tsunamis, as well as giving us the science of how Tsunamis are created. In Part II, TSUNAMI! (PT II) THE WHALE AND THE THUNDERBIRD , we'll look closely at the Pacific Northwest, which many scientists now agree is overdue for a major quake and Tsunami, and explore everything from old Indian Legends regarding the 1700 Tsunami, the threat to the Pacific Coast of the US, and what is being done now to protect lives in that region. VIDEO: Today's Sponsors: Penn State World Campus: Go to and find out why US News & World Report has reated Penn State's online education program in their top ten schools for degrees in Education, Engineering, Business, and Technology- Today! The Great Courses: Get unlimited access to stream and download videos about anything that interests you- at Get your first 30 days FREE by using my url. Its an incredible way to enjoy learning and discovering- I highly recommend it! Start with Pompeii- Even if you've been there you will be blown away by these videos and how well they are done. Music: Land of the Wizard Music by Machinimasound: Website - Want to use this track? You must put this in your video description: Description: Composed: By Ender Güney ...................................................................... Image: .................................................. My new channel: NCM Beats Sound Effects Please Subscribe to my new channel, Epic Cinematic Music Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 Unported License Support Danny Olson Soundcloud: Facebook: Story Credits: