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Apr 1, 2018

"Unsolved Mysteries: Cattle Mutilations, UFO's & Black Ops" reveals the story of the still unsolved 10,000+ cattle mutilations which have been taking place in the U.S. for over 50 years, and the efforts by both the FBI and independent investigators to come up with the reason cattle are being cruelly killed in a manner that does not fit the pattern of a natural or predatory death.  From the first publicized mutilation in 1967, reports of UFO's in the areas immediately near the mutilations, strange horse and cattle deaths indicating that the animals had been drained of blood and then dropped from the sky, and later numerous witness reports of black helicopters and government intervention, combined with strange goings on at military bases in New Mexico, have left three intensive FBI and ATF investigations with more questions than answers.

A big thanks to Chuck Zukowski at for his video and cooperation. Video: 

Recommended Reading: The 37th Parallel America's Secret UFO Highway

Dulce Base by Greg Valdez

#cattlemutilations #UFO #Skinwalkers #SkinwalkerRanch #DulceBase #FBI #37thParallel #KirklandAFB #Area51  #Roswell 

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