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This fast-paced, compelling audio show has set a new standard for history storytelling in podcasting, often placing the listener at a crucial moment in history from the outset, and always managing to deliver on tense human drama based upon accurate and painstaking research.


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May 22, 2017

Those crazy, often twisted stories you hear from your friends about things they will swear are true, plus other stuff. Our line-up: 1. Free Cable TV? 2. The Flat Tire 3. The Express Train To Hell 4. Mr. Rogers- A Navy Seal? 5. Julia Child- A Daring OSS Agent in WWII? 6. Topless Woman in Disney’s Animated Movie “The Rescuers”? 7. Shapeshifter Account 8. Dog Suicide Bridge 9. Nancy Reagans Letter to Hinkley 10. A Well Planned Retirement 11. The Clinton Body Count Legend. Editor's Note. There are no facts here, only legend. And we make this clear throughout. Many times. More than 5 times, I believe. It is not meant to be political or hateful. But apparently some people are still offended by the mere suggestion that this strong and vibrant political family may have ever been involved in anything less than pure. Its very possible that this innocent married couple has never done anything wrong or unseemly since they entered politics in Arkansas. Yet the legends continue to swirl around them. We know this is unfair, yet we didn't create the legend. So if you don't want to know what the legend about the Clinton body count says, or you think it might make you angry and want to strike out at us, simply skip this portion. If it offends you, don't write a bad review that hurts the entire show. 12. A Letter From The Old Folks Home Links to episodes all three shows here: URBAN LEGENDS I: URBAN LEGENDS II: URBAN LEGENDS III: URBAN LEGENDS IV: Vince Foster Story Read more: Alanna Goodman Article Explaining Why Foster Was Depressed: Link to Julia Childs recipe for shark repellant: Answer to the voices behind the Rescuers: Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor Enjoy Eva Gabor in this 1001 Stories For the Road Episode "Johnny & Eva Play Twister: Show email- send scripts for new show: