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Welcome to 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries Podcast!

This fast-paced, compelling audio show has set a new standard for history storytelling in podcasting, often placing the listener at a crucial moment in history from the outset, and always managing to deliver on tense human drama based upon accurate and painstaking research.

In five words: We Make History Come Alive

1001 Heroes has delivered 5 million episode listens worldwide since our first episode (Gremlins) in 2015. 

Top episodes:

Jack the Ripper: Mayhem in Whitechapel

Bonnie & Clyde: Born To Die (Pts 1 and 2)

The Battle of Midway: Turning Point

Unsung Heroes of The Revolution (1 and 2)

Amelia Earhart (1 and 2)

 The Lost Colony (1 and 2)

You are invited to join us for new episodes every Sunday night at 9pm wherever great podcasts are found.



Mar 29, 2015

In 1903 there were only 150 miles of paved roads in America. The new fangled automobiles were considered by most to be a passing fad. On May 19th of that year, at a gentleman's club in San Francisco, a Vermont doctor named Horatio Nelson Jackson, believing that cars were the future of America, accepted a $50 bet that he...

Mar 16, 2015

In 1965 a bell-shaped UFO entered the earth's atmosphere and headed across western Canada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania as a highly visible fireball. As it approached the tiny rural town of Kecksburg, PA, dozens saw the object slowly cross overhead, changing directions, as if seeking a final destination. Police and military...

Mar 14, 2015

The story of the USS Barb and its heroic captain and crew in 1944 and 1945. The Barb sank more tonnage than any sub in history, and was responsible for launching the only ground raid on the island of Japan during the war, during which its crew dynamited a train successfully. Fluckey won the Medal of Honor for his...

Mar 9, 2015

This is part 2 of the Incredible story of adam worth, Scotland Yards 'Napolean of Crime". This covers crimes in Paris, his forgery ring in Europe, his yacht thefts, his slip up and capture, and his return of the stolen art to The Pinkerton Agency at the end. Worth was the inspration for Arthur Conan Doyle's character...

Mar 3, 2015

The story of Adam Worth, unknown to most of us, but a legend in the annals of crime. Worth was the greatest criminal mastermind of the 19th century, and served as the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holme's nemesis. This is Part 1, covering Worth's beginnings in the US and his crimes in...