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Aug 21, 2017

When David Bowie turned down the Queen's offer of Knighthood, society recoiled in shock when he refused it, saying that it really should go to heroes. Many in England agreed, arguing that heroes like 95 year old Johnny Johnson, the last survivor of Englands famed DamBuster squadron, and a true hero, should not be overlooked for knighthood in the way that he was. And they are right. There was a day, in years past, when Knighthood carried a code of valor, and meant something, when names like Richard the Lionheart, Bertrand de Gueslin, Joan of Arc, and Roberto Valletta, were spoken of as true and women who showed incredible courage under impossible circumstances. This is the story of some of those Knights. Brought to you you by: PENN STATE WORLD CAMPUS Earn the degree that carries respect and do it in your spare time Start at GREAT SEIGE OF MALTA EPISODE HERE: THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR: CRUSADERS OR CONSPIRATORS? Link Here: Music: Mattia Cupelli (Royalty Free) Mattia Cupelli: Facebook: Official Mattia Cupelli Music Website: